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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sally Girl Series: Luv It 812049

I've been wanting to get swatches of all my Sally Girl polishes out there. I love these little things. They have some great colors, and at $.99 a piece they are a great way to try out colors that you might not want to buy a full bottle of. The only thing I don't like about them is that the name of the polish is not on the bottle, just the SKU number. I usually go through the list at sallybeauty.com to match the number to a name. I will just randomly pick a color each time and post about it. Enjoy. First up is Luv It, sku 812049, a glittery blue.

Luv it is very sheer, so you need a few coats to make it really stand out.These fingers took at 5 coats to get it even this.

On my thumb I tried my new holy grail color to use under sheers and glitter , Powder Puff (I have a whole post coming on that soon), and then 3 coats of Luv It.

Looks better and more even to me. And that's my first Sally Girl polish post. More come!

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