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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nail Polish Clearance Alert!!

I was in CVS today and there were quite a few nail polishes on clearance.

10 polish was all 75% off. I understand they are discontinuing this line as well as their Confetti polish.
A few shades of Confetti (mainly the very dark ones) were 75% off. Since they are discontinuing the line I assume the rest will be going on clearance as time goes on.
Several shades of Revlon, both the regular polish and the scented ones were 75% off.
Some shades of Wet N Wild were 75% off.
The majority of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear were 75% off (so they were $.75 each!)
Some shades of Sally Hansen Diamond Wear were 75% off. Looks like they are changing the bottle so they are getting rid of the old ones. They had some nice colors left when I was there.

They also have a new brand called Spoiled by WnW that had some really nice colors and glitters. They are exclusive to CVS and retail for $1.99. I only got one today but I will post pictures later.

One more thing, not a clearance, but Walgreen's has 3 different AWESOME sets of Color Club polishes for the holidays. It's a pack of 7 or 8 for $6.99. One was all glitters (and I love my glitter). I didn't get a chance to pick them up but I will soon and will post some pictures.

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